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DJ Lance – Owner & Founder

Husband/Father – Turntablist – Athlete – Gamer – Mac User – Chevy Avalanche Fan – UNCC Alumni

Lance Johnson and his eclectic taste in music makes him one of Atlanta’s most versatile Dj’s. Crowd interaction, song selection, turntable mastery, and professionalism are his ingredients to make a successful event.

You can find Lance at a wonderful formal wedding reception at a country club, then two hours later he’s at a college party spinning today’s hottest tunes. Atlanta Wedding DJ Lance is a youthful, yet experienced, DJ who takes his job very seriously, with a focus on creating the best experience possible for any event, which seeks his expertise.

Dj Lance began to play and experiment with professional audio around the same time he could walk. Johnson’s training began with his father who has owned and operated Professional Audio Services Company since 1980.

At the moment he connected his first ¼” cable, he knew he wanted to grow up and be a Dj. From then on, everyone knew DJ Lance. Even throughout his classical training as a saxophonist in grade school, he was known as a Dj. In college, his reputation called for him to be an official vendor, servicing many school events from formals, to block parties, and even hot air balloon tethers.

All professional Djs can be expected to have some brand of professional grade audio equipment. What best differentiates one from the other is his or hers music controller. Dj Lance is a true admirer of the art of being an Atlanta Dj. Thus, his controllers of choice are two Technics 1200s Vinyl Turntables. The art of spinning vinyl is a slowly dying craft, yet DJ Lance and many celebrity Djs keep the art alive, believing that there is no better form in controlling music than mastering a turntable.

Dj Lance’s passion for music will not allow for a single genre to be selected as a favorite. The diversity of gigs he works continues to push the envelope of his ever-expanding musical library. From senior events to children’s birthday parties, hip-hop block parties to country weddings in an open pasture, he truly enjoys performing and playing good music.

His favorite style in playing music is mixing and blending. This technique of effective transitions & smooth beat matching requires mastery of the hardware, record synchronization, timing, and creativity. No matter what the event, he’ll be sure to play the “Best Of” any genre requested in an entertaining and enjoyable fashion.