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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I or we meet with our actual DJ?

Most certainly! Meetings are encouraged, but not a necessity. By meeting with your DJ, your DJ gets to meet you, and learn more details about your specific interest and needs.

Do you take breaks, and/or require a meal at catered events?

No. We do not require breaks or meals.  If a meal is offered, we will gladly accept it in to go form. We prefer not to eat during performances, in order to maintain focus on performing at out best.

What is in your most basic package?

Set Up + DJ w/adequate audio & music + Breakdown

Do your entertainers dress appropriately?

Absolutely! You will dictate the dress code for your event. From formal occasions to backyard pool parties, your entertainer will dress accordingly.

Can we select the music to be played at our event?

Yes. You may be as descriptive as you would like with playlist & do not playlist.  But here is where you should relax. Your DJ has already learned about what music you enjoy, and would like to have at your event. Our expansive library and skill set guarantees a custom set list. We play and select songs according to how the crowd interacts. We are entertainers, and the last thing anyone should want is an Ipod playlist.

Will you be inviting possible clients to view our event?

No. We are very strict about this policy. Most events are private. I can assure you we will not invite a possible client to a house party or wedding. There are other opportunities for such meetings where the event is open to the public: Bar/Club Events, Marketing Events, Community Events, etc.

Do we get a contract?

Yes. We provide formal quotes/invoices, and contracts for all of our bookings.


Does the DJ expect gratuity?

While it is customary to tip in the entertainment industry, it certainly is not mandatory. If your DJ surpasses your expectations, an additional gratuity of 5-10% would be considered not only extremely generous, but a great compliment as well.

Do you offer games to be played?

Yes. Games are great tools, which can be used as icebreakers, rewards for attendance, and also simply another option for entertainment. Games are most commonly played at Youth or Community events.